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The Adoption Process

We Walk With You

The Zoe House staff doesn’t just point you down the road and pat you on the back. We walk with you through the entire adoption process.

If you have a question, you can email us or make a call and talk to a real person.

We are with you from The Big Yes to Finalization and beyond. Here are the steps in the typical adoption process:

1. Home Studies – Your home study will include a lot of information about you as well as serve as part of your education process about adoption.

2. Profile Preparation – This step is where we work together to complete your family profile.  It’s a summary of what your family is like that allows an expectant mom to better understand you.

3. Match – This is where the dream becomes reality. Once an expectant mother chooses your family, you’ll have your match!

4. Placement and ICPC – The placement step is when it all comes together —the baby is born and temporarily placed in your care.

5. ICPC and Finalization – This is the final stage that seals the deal in the courts!