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Adoption Matching Process

Almost every adoptive family can tell you where they were the moment they got the call.  They heard a voice on the other end say the words that changed their life.  “She chose you….”.

In an instant, everything is different.  All the paperwork, the worry, the fund raising, it all fades away as you focus your thoughts and prayers on a young woman who has made a very brave choice.
A match happens after an expectant mom looks at several profiles that we help select. We narrow the choices based on her preferences so that she’s only looking at a few rather than fifteen or twenty.  If your profile is presented, it’s because we believe you are within the parameters of the profiles we would like to see.

Before being presented, you will know a little about the expectant mother as well.  You’ll know her due date, some health information, and other things that she may share.

We rarely match families with expectant mothers until late in the second trimester. By this time, we know her well and have a better idea of her hopes for adoption.  This means the information you get is more accurate and reliable than if we were to match at 9 weeks.

Already matched?  Then comes placement!