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Placement and Interstate Compact (ICPC)

Your journey is nearing fruition. You’ve survived the mountain of paperwork, you’ve assembled a profile, you received the phone call and have been matched.

It’s time for the baby to be born.

Adoption Placement

There are many different ways for this to go. We will coach you through the process, but the thing you need to remember is to be flexible. While the baby will be in your family, the birthing process belongs to the expectant mother, and no two feel exactly the same about this.

You may come to the hospital after the baby is born. You may be invited to wait with family members in the waiting room. Once in a while, an expectant mother even wants the adoptive mother in the room when the baby is born. Your role at this point is to be supportive and gracious as you wait.

Generally speaking, the expectant mother will sign consent for adoption the day or two after the baby is born. At that point, the baby is temporarily placed with you and if you live in the state of placement, you can go home. If you’re from out of state, you need to wait a few days as we complete ICPC before you return home with your baby.

ICPC for Interstate Adoption

ICPC refers to the Interstate Compact, a mechanism that allows adoption across state lines by satisfying the requirements of both states.

The Zoe’s House team will be with you through these days, checking on you in person or via phone, and we’ll be available through finalization!