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Adoption Profile Preparation

A family profile is a birth mother’s first glance at your family.

Like immigration papers or family trees were to our grandparents, these will be some of the most important documents in your adopted child’s story…but unlike those official documents, you generate your own profile.

Typically, an expectant mother will look at 3-5 hand picked profiles as she makes her decision.

It’s daunting to try and accurately summarize your family into a few pages, and so we help you.  You can choose to assemble your profile on your own, but we highly recommend letting us do it.  That means you bring us the raw materials – the photos, the facts and some text – and we assemble a profile for you to approve.

Additionally, your profile serves as the basis for your page on our “Families Waiting” section, where expectant mothers often look as they consider making an adoption plan.

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