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FAQs – Adopting a Child

How long does it take to adopt?

The length of the process varies widely. It can be affected by a family’s openness to interracial adoption, their willingness to consider special physical circumstances, and whether or not they would consider an open or semi-open adoption.

What is open adoption?

Years ago, closed adoption was the norm. That meant the birth parents knew little about the adoptive family and the adoptive family knew little about the birth family.

Over time, we’ve all come to realize that closed adoption is rarely the best plan. Most birth moms now ask for a reasonable amount of information – not necessarily addresses and phone numbers, but an update once or twice a year through a neutral party. They are often also far more willing to share medical and family history.

Each birth mother determines the level of openness they wish to have so that potential adoptive parents can decide in advance if this is the sort of arrangement they’d like.

What does adoption cost?

Adoption is made up of both fixed and variable costs.  Our fees for the home study, match and placement. You can see our fee schedule by downloading the pre-application hereThings like expectant mother care and attorney fees can vary, but you will get a close estimate at match.

What will I know about my baby?

In most cases, the least you will receive is a family medical history. In many cases, depending on openness, you will learn a lot more about your baby. This information will grow even more valuable as they get older.

What sort of families are you looking for?

As an agency, we are looking specifically for families that practice their Christian faith.  As for expectant mothers, they are looking for families of almost every variety.  First time parents, large families, city dwellers, rural residents…if God is speaking to you about adoption, He is probably speaking to an expectant mother about someone like you.   Families of all races and ethnicities are encouraged to apply.

Is Zoe’s House Licensed? Is Zoe’s House a Non-Profit?

Zoe’s House Adoption Agency is licensed in Kansas and Missouri and is a 501c3 non-profit.

Do you work with families out of state?

We do work with a limited number of out of state families. They travel to Kansas City when their baby is born and stay until the Interstate Compact paperwork is completed, then go home to finalize their adoptions. Unfortunately, due to New York state law, we are unable to work with New York families.

What are some adoption resources you recommend to get us started?


The Connected Child by Dr. Karyn Purvis

The Whole Brain Child by Daniel Siegel


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