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Learn more about the process of adoption in our new podcast!  More episodes added soon.

As we serve expectant moms, we are bound by law regarding what we can share with their extended family. This means that grandma may turn up at the hospital demanding answers we can’t legally give.  In this episode, Randy and Nikki talk about what they wish the extended biological family knew…and why we can’t have those conversations last minute.

Adoption language is tricky. This week Randy and Nikki talk about the best things NOT to say….

This week we hear directly from a young woman who’s made an adoption plan – what did it feel like to pick out a family for your child?  What were you feeling in the hospital?  A rare look at adoption from a woman who is choosing it for her own baby.

I’m interested in adoption, but what about my biological children? How will they deal with this? Episode 6 talks about this very thing.

Fundraising is frightening!  In Episode 5, Randy Bohlender and Joanna Eitel give helpful tips on how to raise funds for your adoption.

How does Zoe’s House work with expectant moms and what’s the interaction with adoptive parents? Learn more in Episode 4.

I’m a little freaked out about the expenses! Where does the money go and how much am I going to need to adopt? We answer those questions in Episode 3.

Homestudy? Like an inspection? Well, kind of but no. We address common homestudy misunderstandings in Episode 2.

Why would I use an adoption agency? Can’t I youtube this process? Randy and Nikki talk about the importance of doing adoption through an agency and how Zoe’s House stands out from the others.